Tampereen Ylioppilasteatteri is a youth amateur theatre founded in 1960.

TaYT hosts a diverse repertoire, ranging from traditional drama and classic plays to contemporary theatre. Along with the main features, TaYT shows include smaller productions, improvisation, stand up and music events among other things. Our members also play shows and gigs in various events outside our theatre.


TaYT membership consists of novices as well as more experienced theatre enthusiasts. Actors make up the majority of our member base, but directors, playwrigths, sound and light technicians, set designers, graphics designers, musicians and costume designers as well as producers and publicists have their valuable place in our theatre. Everyone is welcome to contribute in their own way and practice different aspects of theatre.

Our main activity is producing events, but members also take care of cleaning and maintenance in our venue as well as promotion and fundraising. We offer our members a variety of courses and encourage and support them to develop their skills further. Outside registered association and theatre related activities we organise parties and gatherings for our members.

Our colourful, diverse bunch of members is tied together by passion for theatre and the joy of collaborating. TaYT chooses its new members annually in September. Qualifications for becoming a member are over 18 years of age and the will to commit to theatre comprehensively.

For more infomation about our theatre, please contact: teatterisihteeri@tayt.fi