FemCom Special with Pernilla Hammargren (SWE) 23.11.2017

Helsinki’s Feminist Comedy Night comes to Tampere with a very special show featuring Pernilla Hammargren, Jamie MacDonald & Juuso Kekkonen!


The night’s headliner Pernilla Hammargren is a Swedish comedian and the runner of Stockholm’s prize-winning feministic stand up club Stand Up Yours (with Shanthi Rydwall Menon). She has performed at festivals such as Women in Comedy in Manchester, England, Lund Comedy Festival and in many stand up clubs in Sweden. Her latest show, Homo Aloneo, is touring throughout Sweden and Europe, and we’re delighted to get some of her unicorn sparkle magic!


Juuso Kekkonen is Finland’s bizarro ambassador for polyamory, kinkiness, and meandering, clever comedy. You might see him ranting on YLE kioski when he’s not lighting up the stage at his very own Kekkosklubi. Jamie MacDonald is that trans queer Canadian comedian who talks endlessly about gender, dinosaurs, and whether or not fashion is actually real.


What’s a Feminist Comedy Night? It’s stand-up, but from a feminist perspective. Instead of relying on stereotypes, we’d rather pick them apart. Instead of punching down we punch up – or at least sideways. Oppression is boring AF.


The whole show will be in English.


Useful and/or funny links:
Stand Up Yours facebook-page: https://www.facebook.com/standupyours/
Pernilla on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pernillyhammargren/
Jamie on Facebook: www.facebook.com/jamiemacdonaldthecomedian
Juuso on Facebook: www.facebook.com/outoho


Accessibility info: https://www.tayt.fi/ota-yhteytta/tilan-esteettomyys/
Unfortunately, the venue is not wheelchair-accessible.
There will be gender-neutral toilets at the venue


Tickets: 12/8 EUR


Pay What You Want tickets: a limited number of tickets are available on the day of the show at the door for the price of whatever you want. PWYW tickets go on sale 30 minutes before the start of show.


A note on safety: Fem Com aims to make the space free from oppression and discrimination on the basis of one’s identity. Everyone should be made welcome and respect the boundaries of others. Onstage, comedians may cover themes such as sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, structural and interpersonal violence, and other sensitive topics.